Inspiring young makers with easy and affordable learn-to-solder kits.

Today's curious minds. Tomorrow's tech pioneers.

At Clover Technology, we want to inspire the next generation of makers. As makers ourselves, we hope to play a role in the maker movement as it grows. We do this by providing kids and other new makers with simple DIY learn-to-solder kits” that feed the imagination and the drive for making, building, and inventing.

As makers, we found a way to “scratch our own itch” by developing truly simple DIY learn-to-solder kits. In our initial efforts to find such a kit, we discovered a gap in the marketplace and decided to fill it ourselves. Thus, at Clover Technology our goal is to provide hands-on making experiences that inspire further exploration, without overwhelming inexperienced makers with high costs, sourcing, or complexities beyond their current capability.

Maker Movement

Clover Technology learn-to-solder kits provide a simple, accessible outlet for new makers to hone their skills and continue down the path of creativity and curiosity.


Kids and other beginners can complete their projects in hours, not days, with basic tools and beginner-level skills.

Clover Technology DIY learn-to-solder kits can provide families with fun and educational projects to complete together.

Educational Institutions

Clover Technology DIY learn-to-solder kits are ideal teaching tools, providing hands-one engagement in electronics and engineering.

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